The Archery Range is now open for the season.


Devon Snideman
Red Deer Fish and Game Association 
Archery Chair

                                 ATTENTION ARCHERS

Please sign in EVERYTIME you come to shoot. Name, Date and Time are required. This is to keep track of numbers for budget assistance and insurance requirements.
Also as a one time sign in per year, is an INSURANCE WAIVER. Filled out and deposited into the mailbox at the time of first visit. Both adults and youth need to fill this out

Yardage is measured from the BLACK line at the front of the shelter. It will likely be +/- 2 yards to other rangefinders.

6-8 shooters MAX on the line at any one time. NO shooting from outside of the shelter.

BULLDOG targets are available(under table) to beginner and recurve shooters to aid in loss of arrows. They can be placed in the middle of the range so arrows don’t wind up in the tall grass/bush. 3D targets can be moved around with the supplied stands. The laying down ones please bring back into the shelter when done shooting.

Garbage to be put into the supplied barrel. Smoking allowed but respect others and make sure to put butts out in the supplied can of sand.

Alcohol and drugs PROHIBITED when shooting.

No shooting when others are down range. No arrows to be nocked until all shooters are at the shelter. This is to be self managed – as there is no Safety Officer on site – line is to be called SAFE to whoever is first on scene.

If a bell ring sound is heard, there are people coming in the direction from down range. NO SHOOTING until hikers are past and the line is called SAFE.

Target doors can be latched in the open or closed position via the paracord string and catch.

Close all target boxes when done shooting. (last person at range is responsible)

REPORT any target, stand or range issues so they can be dealt with / repaired. Things happen and stuff breaks – please assist in keeping the range functional. Reports can be made to Devon @ 403-391-6194 or

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