Introduction to the Red Deer Fish and Game Association Amenities

Thank you for supporting the Red Deer Fish & Game by purchasing a membership to the club. Your membership is valid for 365 days from the purchase date. If you plan to bring your family to enjoy the RDFGA amenities you must have purchased a RDFGA Family Membership. The Red Deer Fish & Game amenities include access to 320 acres of Habitat Land south east of Red Deer. This includes a small campground with plug-ins and showers for one nightly fee. The self-registration booth is located at the campground entry. There are 2 stocked Trout ponds, hiking trails, and an archery range. There is also an Outdoor Firearms Safety Range west of Red Deer, and an Indoor Firearms Safety Range in the city of Red Deer **.  (**requires purchasing of the RDFGA Range Membership).


Habitat Land Campground

There is a small campground at the Habitat Land. The main campground has power for about 25 units when filled to capacity. The lower camping area has room for 2 or 3 units and must be reserved because the lower area is shared with parking for West Lake anglers. The campground has indoor wash rooms with showers and a group area for playing cards or gatherings when inclement weather makes sitting around the fire pit or being outside uncomfortable. Current COVID-19 rules dictate all campers must be members. Members may have guests come for a visit, but non-members may not spend the night. To reserve a site in the lower group area email:


West Lake Trout Pond

RDFGA membership cards must be visible on all adults when fishing (everyone 19 or older). Adults caught without a visible membership card will be asked to leave West Lake. 1 fish per day per person harvest is allowed and a maximum 10 fish harvest per family per year. Maximum of 2 lines per person. No vehicles allowed on West Lake in the winter. Senior Citizens (65+) and members with Parking Placards allowing you to use disabled parking stalls may “at your own risk” use an ATV to access West Lake to go ice fishing. MEMBERS ONLY NO GUESTS PERMITTED! PERSONS CAUGHT NOT FOLLOWING WEST LAKE RULES MAY RECEIVE A LIFETIME BAN!


Habitat Land Archery Range

The Archery Range is fully functional in the summer months. Access to it is at the bottom of the hill near the boat launch. There is a sign beside the brown gate pointing the way. It’s foot access only. Sign in on the sheet of paper in the tube below the marked sign. The yardage is measured from standing on the inside front edge of the shelter (20-80 yards+/- 1 yd). All target boxes have doors on them and must be closed when shooting is completed. The broadhead ONLY target is for just that. It is on a dolly for mobility to shoot at desired yardages. Both front and back doors on this target have to be opened to shoot. Any issues, deficiencies or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Habitat Land Black Powder Range / Hawk & Knife Walk

Located to the north of the campground. There are Black Powder Rendezvous held each year in May and September.  Normal activities start on Fridays and end on Sundays. We have competitors from all over the Province as well as some from other Provinces. The Black Powder Range may be used by supervised youths shooting BB or pellet guns on those weekends when the range isn’t being used by the Black Powder Group. For more information email:


Red Deer Fish & Game Outdoor Firearms Safety Range

The RDFGA Outdoor 200-yard range is located west of Red Deer. Directions: west on Hwy 11 to Range Road 284 south to Township Road 372 turn east. You must be a RDFGA Range Member and there are a number of steps to be completed before a member is given access to the Outdoor Range. All of the Outdoor Range rules can be read on the RDFGA web site at:


Red Deer Fish & Game Indoor Firearms Safety Range

The Indoor Range is available for recreational shooting to RDFGA Members with Range Privileges. The Indoor Range has scheduled times for members to shoot their handguns or small-bore rifles (.22 LR etc.).  Members must have their own handguns. The RDFGA range does not offer rentals or loaners. Ammunition types that are allowed are .22LR, .38 Special, 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, and .45 Colt etc. Military surplus ammunition with a steel core such as .32 x 25 mm Tokarov is not permitted. All of the Indoor Range rules schedules can be read on the RDFGA web site at:


Alberta Youth Pheasant Program

Red Deer Fish and Game has a Youth Pheasant program for first time hunters. It is open to all youth from 10 to 20 years old. Our season starts in the first or second week of September. We take kids every Saturday during the fall. Participants only have to bring their lunch and appropriate footwear and outdoor wear. Through the Alberta Youth Pheasant Program, aspiring young hunters have a chance to experience bird game hunting and safe gun handling while being mentored by qualified outdoorsmen. For more information email:


Printing a Red Deer Fish & Game Membership Card

Once a member has completed purchasing a membership to the club, the member must log-in (top right of the RDFGA home page) and enter the user name and password. Once logged in you can print a membership card. To print a card for your spouse, create a user name and password for your spouse and login using the spousal username and password and print a second card.


To contact committee chairpersons or RDFGA executive, go to the RDFGA home page and click on “Contact”.


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