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The Red Deer Fish and Game Habitat Land is a camping area available for RDFGA members and their guest’s first visit. It includes a group area campsite with washrooms and showers, a group fire pit and a group area with a wood burning stove for inclement weather. Camping is $25.00 per night per member unit with a maximum stay of 2 weeks.

Wi-Fi is included with your camping.

The access privilege to this land is included in both a Basic Membership and a Range + Basic membership.

Looking for a laid-back getaway? Our amenities include hiking, camping, fishing, pellet gun trails, annual 3D archery tournaments and hawk and knife.

Fishing Pond

There are two fishponds that are stocked annually with Rainbow Trout and both ponds have compressors that ensure the fish survive winters and summers. There are some new fish retention rules for the lower pond (West Lake) and anglers need to read the signs placed near the two docks regarding daily and annual retention prior to harvesting any fish.

The club has a very active and successful stocking program that is intended to give anglers an excellent opportunity to catch fish not how many fish you can harvest each time you go fishing. 

Hiking & Camping

There are about 5 – 6 kilometers of maintained trails throughout the 320 acres, the habitat land has many sloughs, lots of bush with some hay land. There are three different trail routes that start and end at the campground, the longest trail takes you to the boundaries of the Habitat Land, the longest trail has been name the cardio trail if you travel it from the north side to the south side. The shortest route is 1.6 kilometers long and follows the shores of the West Lake (lower trout pond).


From Red Deer (hwy 2A & 595):
21 kms. east on the Delburne highway (595) to secondary 816
4.2 kms south on secondary 816.
East (left) into the property.

From the Penhold overpass on highway 2:
East on highway 42 for 21.6 kms to secondary 816
7.7 kms. North on secondary 816
East (right) into the property

Habitat Land Fisheries

There are two fisheries at the Habitat Land, a Children’s Pond and West Lake. The Children’s Pond was constructed in 2004 and is stocked annually with 200 rainbow trout. The pond is aerated year ‘round and water levels are maintained during the open water season with a solar powered pump. In winter the water levels drop by several feet and there is often an area of open water and thin ice near the aeration diffuser so that ice conditions are not safe. There are no catch limits, size limits or gear restrictions for children, however the RDFGA recommends that children be accompanied by an adult and/or wear a personal flotation device while fishing.

West Lake is a 20 acre lake in the south west corner of the habitat land. In 2012 a new aeration system was installed that operates year ‘round. The lake is stocked annually with 2000 to 3000 rainbow trout. There are 2 docks and a boat launch. One dock is reserved for fishing only. Because of the aeration system, there are areas of open water and thin ice in winter so ice conditions are unsafe. There is a one fish per person daily limit and a 10 fish per family annual limit on West Lake.

Habitat Land Rules

The Habitat Land, campground is maintained by volunteers and members are expected to respect the Habitat Land rules including keeping your dogs on a leash regardless of the size in the campground and trails to the fish ponds. Members walking the trails away from the fishponds and camping area are not expected to have their dogs on a leash.

Booking The Habitat Land

Booking youth groups at the Habitat Land is a Red Deer Fish & Game Habitat Land priority so Central Alberta youth may be exposed to fishing, camping and hiking etc. The majority of the youth group bookings are in the spring, fall and a few in the winter, there are Red Deer school Outdoor Education groups using the land during school hours. We do not book the Habitat Land on Long Weekends.

There is a Hawk & Knife walk to the north of the playground at Habitat Land and pellet and BB gun course to the north of the playground and up the hill. Follow the signs for both.


The Red Deer Fish and Game has stopped booking the Habitat Land for family reunions, etc. because the Habitat Land has gotten busier since the club began to stock trout in the larger pond below the campground. Booking the Habitat Land to individual groups would impede the Red Deer Fish and Game Members from enjoying the Habitat Land. The Habitat Land is owned by the members of the Red Deer Fish & Game and restricting access to the property because private functions is unacceptable.

If you have questions regarding access to the Habitat Land, please contact our Habitat Land chair at 403-877-2403 or habitatland@reddeerfishandgame.com

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