The Archery Range, here at the Habitat Land, is now fully functional. Access to it is at the bottom of the hill near the boat launch. There is a sign beside the brown gate pointing the way. It’s foot access only.  The yardage to the targets is from the front of the shelter (20-80 yards).

FYI: The target boxes open to the side now. Close them when done, please. Please don’t move the target boxes around.  Use the broadhead target box (on wheels) if you need to adjust your range to different yardages.  If you find a flat tire or any other malfunctioning of these boxes, please notify:

Devin Snideman at 403-391-6194 or

FYI: There is shelter and a picnic table at the archery range. There’s no garbage can so please take out any garbage with you. FYI: Cigarette butts need to go into the cigarette can, please.

Note: You MUST sign into the sign up sheet/book each time you are there.

Warning: A bell has been put at the trail head past the range to alert shooters of on-coming hikers. Hikers please us this alert system to avoid incidents. Shooters be respectful of the hikers. Upon hearing the bell no more shooting until hikers have cleared the area.

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