The archery range is officially open for the 2023 season. The range targets have all been replaced / rebuilt by Grizz Archery Targets. They saw a lot of use last year and were in desperate need of attention. It is open from sun up til sun down, 7 days a week. It is at the Habitat Land. Walking distance from the brown gate at the boat launch area is approx 100 yards up the trail and a left at the Y in the trail.
The range is 20-80 yards with a shelter to shoot from. Yardage is measured , using my range finder, from the black line inside the shelter and might be +/- a yard out. Feel free to bring your own range finder and shoot accordingly. The design is to shoot the closer targets from the left side of the shelter and the further targets from the right hand side of the shelter. 
There is a sign in book, with every visit with name date and time, in a tube on the wall as well as a ONE TIME annual insurance waiver to be signed and put in the mailbox on the same wall. Garbage can and cigarette butt can are supplied , please use them accordingly. Any issues with targets , full garbage or any other range related concerns / repairs please report them to myself for rectification.
There are 2 moveable Bulldog targets for youth or recurve shooters that can be placed in the center of range to aid in loss of arrows. Put them back in shelter when done. The odd 3D target may be available throughout the year.
 Close the target boxes when the last one is on the range. Boxes open to the side and can be held open with the rope and hook. 
The Broadhead target is strictly for Broadheads – both sides of the target box need to be open to shoot or arrows will penetrate unopened doors. It is on a dolly so it can be moved to different yardages. Pick up any foam material that is pulled from the face after shooting. 
If a bell is heard from down range , wait til oncomers have passed through in order to continue shooting. This is an alert that hikers are approaching.
Range must be clear of shooters before shooting can continue. FIrst shooter on range can act as “range officer” and call the line clear. Caution to when shooters are in the bush line looking for arrows – again range must be clear before shooting to commence.
Be safe, courteous and use respect to others and to the Land. 
A 3D shoot date is coming, I just have to land a weekend. 
Also an introduction to archery for youth will be a summer time activity to come . 
Emails will be sent out as reminders and necessary information.
Again , any questions or concerns can be emailed or called(leave message) / texted to myself.

Devon Snideman
Red Deer Fish and Game Association
Archery Chair

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